Bronze Level Class


Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 pm (Coach Wei H)

Saturday 9:30 - 10:30 am (Coach Wei L for Bronze 2)

Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 am (Coach Wei L for Bronze 1)

Sunday 11:30 - 12:30 am (Coach Wei L for Bronze 1)

Bronze Level Class

This class is designed for students with no or little badminton experience. It will focus on teaching the fundamental of badminton skills, including 1) footwork 2) racket grips (forehand and backhand), 3) different types of shots, such as clear, drive, and drop. Students will have fun learning to play and develop an interest and desire to improve their badminton techniques.
Class size: 4 - 8 students

Future Star(Age 6-8)


Monday 6:30 - 7:30 pm (Coach An)

Monday 7:30 - 8:30 pm (Coach An)

TRAINING SCHEDULE - Beginner Juniors

  • Non-badminton physical training to teach Hand-Eye coordination, arm extension, control and balance
    • How to toss, how to catch and how to throw
  • Footwork exercises specific to badminton
    • Bouncing, lunging, pivoting and shuffling
  • Stroke exercises – these are listed in priority order. We move on to each new stroke only after the student has successfully demonstrated some proficiency in the preceding stroke. No smashing, dropping or backhand clear instruction until the intermediate classes.
    • Serve – must reach 50% success rate in order to play games in future sessions
    • Net play
    • Backhand defense
    • Forehand Clear
    • Serve return
  • Teamwork drills – We do these with beginners and without hitting shuttles to prepare students for future games and as an additional footwork exercise.
    • Rotation drill with doubles partner moving from offense to defense and reverse
    • Two-person defense shuffle to learn how to divide the court evenly
    • Net person shuffle to develop sense of partner’s location behind front player
  • Rules of the Sport – During our 3rd session, we have our first quiz on lines & etiquette. If the student passes, then we move on to keeping score. Must also pass quiz on keeping score in order to play games.
    • Lines on the court
    • Proper court etiquette
    • How to keep score
Every session attempts to include all five elements described above. As the students’ strokes get better, we add more movement and targeting of shots to the drills, but this usually does not happen until the intermediate level.

Adult Class (4 students and up)


Wednesday 6:30 - 7:30 pm (Coach Wei H)

Saturday 6:30 - 7:30 pm (Coach Wei L)

Class size: 4 - 8 students
Fees: $20 per class Future Star classes and adult classes, $25 per class others (minimum 8 classes); students who sign up for 16 classes will receive 10% off.
* $30 one class only
*If you want to arrange a private or group lesson with any of our coaches, please contact the office to make arrangements.

Adult Class

TRAINING CURRICULUM - For C-level or D-level adults and intermediate to advanced juniors

  • 1. Mental Toughness & Match Preparation – these are discussion points that are incorporated into each of the drills described below.
    • The ABCs of Badminton
      • Adjust, Balance, Calm, Defense, Exploitation
    • Improving Your Warm-up
      • Three-minute drill. What did you miss?
      • Hit all the shots you plan to use, Serve/Return, Depth perception, Targets
      • Raise your body temperature to avoid injury if no stretching
    • Fulcrum point of each Rally
      • Each rally starts balanced. Tip the rally in your favor. Stay on offense.
      • Large swings across the fulcrum are risky. Go from defense back to balanced
    • Expanding The Box
      • What can you cover? Where can you hit consistently?
      • Moving outward from Beginner to D to C to B to A
    • Reading Your Opponent’s Menu
      • It’s fast game, so learn how to slow it down
      • Recognize tendencies, abilities and options
      • Narrow their options, shorten their menu of choices to increase anticipation
      • Exploit their weaknesses
    • You’re not the President
      • No media, no headlines, no consequences for failure
      • USE practice time to get BETTER
    • The W.I.N. Concept
      • What’s Important Now? Don’t waste energy
      • Evaluate, Reset, Prepare
    • Stopping Streaks
      • No more than four points, 25c to 50c to $1.00 to $2.00
      • Serve & return error streaks are killers
    • Endgame Situations
      • Practice these at 17-17, 14-14. Keep track of success/failure rate at practice
      • Find ways to add pressure so that you can get used to it. Bets, penalties
  • 2. Doubles Basics
    • Serve & Serve Return
      • The Most Important Shots. Short rallies increase their importance
      • You’re in control. No movement adjustments necessary.
        • Find your comfort spot. Consistency and calm. Eyes closed.
        • Ten serves with penalties. Practice being under pressure
      • Pick a target. Balance between Variety and exploiting patterns
        • Drops, pushes, mid-court, rushing, flick serves
        • Quality determines whether you’re on offense or defense right away
    • Hitting Straight
      • Don’t hit cross-court unless for a winner or exploiting weakness
      • Adds depth and time
      • Benefits partner preparation at net and for defense
    • No Unnecessary Lifting
      • FULCRUM POINT – keep the balance in your favor
      • Playing from defense is tiring, hard and usually unsuccessful
      • Use your peripheral vision to find place to hit soft and low
        • Drill with someone moving at net
      • Short court game with 2 people or full court with 4 people
      • Repeated net play requires patience and calmness
      • Lifting sometimes necessary, but too often not
        • When it happens, still pick a target – width, depth, weaker player
    • Rotating with your partner
      • Moving as a team to protect the space. Sliding side-by-side & recover
      • Stepping forward when your partner is being attacked
      • No backing up unless necessary – more later
      • Rotation drill – five points, clockwise and counterclockwise, variations
  • 3. Transitioning from Defense to Offense/
    • The Three Time Blocks
      • Your shot to their shot
        • Target your shot, give yourself more time
        • Position yourself – face hitter for better vision
        • Evaluate options and possibilities
        • Don’t be passive if they’re attacking your partner
      • Their shot to your shot
        • Evaluate opportunities
      • After your shot
        • Move to offense. Coordinate with your partner
    • Lifting
      • Height vs. depth to maximize preparation and balance
    • Attacking Drops
      • Get in an offensive mindset
      • Move in balance with racket ready at height
      • Execute and finish calm with no pullback motion
      • Drill with tossing, then hitting, then rallies
    • Targeted Smash Returns
      • Importance of width. Cross-court only for winner
      • Depth placement to get lifts
      • Know your opponent – drives vs. lifts
      • Drill for width and depth targets
  • 4. Staying on Offense
    • Being Patiently Aggressive
      • Not every shot has to be a winner. Remember FULCRUM
      • Pick best option given your balance, skills, partner, and opponent
      • Dropping, soft or angled smashing until opportunity to finish
      • Net player needs to apply pressure. Watch opponents and mirror movement
      • Beware overdoing it though. Mea culpa
    • Targeted Smashing
      • Changing your height and location to exploit weaknesses
      • Precision trumps power
      • Practice this in warm-ups
      • Drill with targets
    • Timing Your Rotation
      • Allows rotation to stronger team balance
  • 5. Mixed Doubles Specialties
    • The Nine-Square Court
      • He covers 5, she cover 4
    • Unbalancing Your Opponent
      • Using width vs. middle attack in MD
      • Get her to cover 5 or him to cover 6, then attack
    • Protecting Your Weaknesses
      • Lifting away from the woman
      • Rotating ASAP
      • Drill with her retreating
    • Sharing the Glory
      • If she’s finishing, then everything’s good

Program Rates


$60 Per Player

  • One on one, one hour


$36 Per Player

  • Two players, one hour

Group of three

$30 Per Player

  • 3 players, one hour